1. Subconscious Terror
    Francesco Terrini and Yasuyuki Uesugi

  2. Reality Carnival

  3. Desperation

  4. Rhythms of Pain

  5. Obscure Playground

  6. Programmed Confusion
    Dukkha and Francesco Terrini

  7. 30 Tracks From A Scoured Landscape

  8. Mother and Child In the Mirror

  9. Wasting Away In Cages We Call Homes

  10. Butchery
    Blackholeprisoner and Francesco Terrini

  11. Once Upon A Time, There Was Humanity
    Basura Toska and Francesco Terrini

  12. Double Diamond Sun Body

  13. split with Mai12
    Mai12 and Francesco Terrini

  14. Surreal Intimacy

  15. Conquering Carbon

  16. Cinque Morti Sospette

  17. Decline
    Digressed Mind/ Francesco Terrini

  18. Humans Exaggerate Desires

  19. Masque of Death
    Slovak Misanthrope and Francesco Terrini

  20. Self-Immolation

  21. Elemental Configuration
    Dichotomy Engine and Francesco Terrini

  22. Veil of Mortality

  23. Entropy Pessimism

  24. Francesco Terrini / Sooncrazy (split)
    Francesco Terrini and Sooncrazy

  25. Ethereal Decomposition

  26. Psychotic Destiny

  27. Francesco Terrini vs Antoine Trauma (Mald28) - Songs to Gregor Samsa
    Antoine Trauma/ Francesco Terrini

  28. I Grieve

  29. Debauchery

  30. Deep State Manipulation

  31. Exquisite Corpse

  32. Love and Happiness Are No More

  33. V.A.- Strange Pleasures

  34. Madness
    Yasuyuki Uesugi/ Francesco Terrini

  35. Malocchio
    Francesco Terrini/Crepuscular Entity

  36. Man Invented God

  37. Capacity for Sensation
    Francesco Terrini and Blackhole Prisoner

  38. This World is a Joke and I Am Too Tired To Ride Along

  39. Random Shock
    Francesco Terrini feat: Nel Briones and Blackhole Prisoner

  40. Interzona/ Francesco Terrini
    Interzona & Francesco Terrini

  41. Anti-Gravity Machine Elves

  42. Giorni del Cavallo Pallido
    Francesco Terrini/ Juanito)))

  43. Deadhead Chemistry
    Gabe Tiano/ Francesco Terrini

  44. The Irrigator

  45. Collapse World Animal

  46. Corroding Heaven

  47. Septic Perfume


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